Isle of Lewis & Harris - Best Beaches

After visiting the stunning Isles of Lewis & Harris in the Outer Hebrides, it became clear that the island has some of the world's most stunning beaches. Forget the Bahamas and head to Scotland for white sand and clear blue water.  Here is a list of our favourites on the island.

Luskentyre Sands

After arriving at Tarbert (after possibly sailing from the mainland) it is definitely worth making the short drive south to arguably the most spectacular beach in Scotland. A beach that is consistently voted one of the UK's top 10 beaches boasts miles of white sands and blue water. After exploring the long beach, you can climb the nearby sand dunes for even better views.

Luskentyre: Stunning even on a grey day

Bostadh Beach

Lying off the North-West coast of Lewis is the small island settlement of Bernera. There is only one road from the main island to the Northern tip accessed by a small bridge. After driving to the North, you find Bostadh beach. After a storm led to the site being excavated in 1996, Iron-Age buildings were found and these can be explored just off the beach. There are also walking trails in the surrounding areas, all which start from the same beach carpark.

Bostadh Beach, Bernera

Riof Beach (Traigh Na Beirghe)

Another long white sandy beach on the North West coast of Lewis. An interesting feature of this beach is the huge variety of shells found along the waterline and colourful Machair in the summer.

Riof Beach

Uig Beach

Uig beach is one of the largest expanses of beach on the island. It is most famous for the discovery of the Lewis Chessmen, hand-carved Nordic chess pieces, that were found here on this beach. You can now see these pieces with collections in the British Museum (London), the National Museum (Edinburgh) and the Museum Nan Eilean (Stornoway).

Uig Beach

Eoropie Beach

If you are making your way to the Butt of Lewis Lighthouse (the most Northerly point of the Island and windiest spot in the U.K.!) you will start at Eoropie Beach, a hidden gem at the tip of the island. The walk from the carpark to the beach can be tricky in certain conditions (signs warning quicksand are dotted around here), but the beach itself is a fantastic spot and well worth a visit.

Eoropie Beach, watch out for quicksand!


Aside from the well-known beaches, it is worth saying that there are many beaches waiting to be discovered (many of which you won't know the name of, despite having walked along them!). It is worth parking the car if you see a stopping point, or following any beach signs you come across and see where you end up. It will definately be worth the trip.

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